1 year old

1 year old
1 year and having fun!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Adventures........here we go!

So the last blog was a while ago....you maybe wondering if we are still eating plant strong......well for the most part......sometimes.....
We learned alot about what your body really needs...fruits and veges are "POWER FOODS" and they are great cooked all different ways. We still only eat meat once or twice a week. Cooking with out meat is SO EASY.....and baking is great!! Here are a couple of blogs that I use for recipes everything that I tried is great...enjoy!!
and a great eating healthy blog is healthyattimes.blogspot.com

So New Adventures.......the Hill Family is changing, no I am not prego!!  God is leading us to a place that we do not know and can not imagine what we are doing. But He knows and I am ok with that. For the past couple months, God is working in great ways raising mighty warriors for his kingdom, challenging Faith, and comforting fears and doubts. Dreams and visions have been seen, doors have been opened and closed, and the Spirit moving. And what kind of Warriors for God would we be if we ignored the "red and white flags" He is giving..
So the Hill Family is moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma.
There has been mixed feelings, crying, fears, doubts, joy, praise, peace all rolled together. But sitting back and looking what is happening I have a peace BEYOND understanding.
I have no reason to have this peace, I can not describe......no timeline on leaving Corpus and getting to Tulsa, don't know where we will live when we get there, getting rid of a dog, I don't have a job and need one, need to sell a house, and the list goes on. Because of this peace and the list of unknowns, one thing is for sure......This is God's Plan.
I pray everyday that my Faith will be stronger, while waiting for more doors to be open. I know that everything will happen in prefect timing.....God's time.
I am so blessed to have a Husband that follows God's with all his heart......I have an easy job, to follow.  When he starting to talk about this move...I prayed "If this is you God, open doors. Show Clint what to do, lead your family." And he has done and is doing just that. Praise be to God.
 I do ask for prayers for us during this time.....God's will be done...His prefect will!
We are blessed to have the support system that God has put around us, we could not ask for more encouraging words from everyone. Change is so hard....but with God's strength supplied through His Word, His people and communication with Him, it gets a little easier day by day.
We will be visiting Tulsa soon, for interviews and looking around.... I am looking for a job and Clint will be getting certified to be a Bug ELIMINATOR with Okie Bugs. 
I will be keeping you posted on the "New Adventures" in diet and in location! 

Friday, February 24, 2012

The New adventures of Old Kelsey (2012 edition)

It is 2012, yes this blur of year is just now getting into my mind that it is actually 2012. March 1st is next week! We have had a great start to the year with a kick off at Family Vacation, our College Retreat in January, over 500 people came this year. And now a shameless plug for Clint and all the speakers to go www.campusministryunited.com to hear.

Asher had his 9 month shots and check up. He did great, one shot and weighting 20lbs 8 oz. The boy is obviously starved!! Asher continues to get into everything crawling, waddling, charming and new to the list teething. We discovered at last last check up, one tooth and five on the way! Please be in prayer if one is bad then five is going to be CRAZY!

CLINT AND I ARE DEBT FREE!!! Took five years but we did it! Believe me if we can get out of debt than anyone can do it! It is truly a blessing to be free of bill collectors. Now we maybe we can finally go on a vacation!

Okay, now on to the HUGE life-style change......we are eating plants not animals in the Hill house. Just to clarify, we are not using the V word (vegan or vegetarian),like i could get Clint to go along with that! We still live in Texas (born & raised). We will always support the NRA(lol)! We do not support PETA, and are not apposed to hunting or fishing. In fact Clint loves to fish! We are still The Hill's! Just not eating meat.

What does eating plant-strong mean and why?
Lets start with the why, two years ago we discovered that Clint developed huge stomach issues, since then we have been trying to cut out on fried foods. Clint discovered he could not eat beef, chocolate, or milk during this time. So I cooked to fit his diet change. He still had the stomach issues, just not as bad. In the mean time, Clint's parents, living in New Mexico, started going to new doctor and were researching a plant based diet. We thought they were crazy!! But we watched the documentary "Forks over Knives" and the "Engine 2 diet"per their suggestion. Just two weeks within this change in their life-style, Clint's parents blood pressure lowered (back to a normal/healthy, not stroke number) and they lost tons of weight. So, Clint and I, more I than Clint at first, thought about it and decide to change as well. We started to eat plant-strong diet. And our lives have never been the same.

What is it? I mentioned two movies above, you can find them on Netflix. The basis is eating whole foods. Viewing all vegetables and fruits as power foods and main source of nutrition. Eating whole grains, non-dairy milks, and very little oil. No meats, cheese, eggs, milk from animals or refined sweeteners. It sounds crazy, but I have not eaten this good in FOREVER!!! And it is easy to cook! And we are Full and losing weight.

For the first time in my life I cooked stir-fry with out oil and GUESS WHAT...it didn't stick to the pan...try it!! I love cheese, but I do not miss it. Meat, I don't miss it. I am discovering vegetables that we never used to eat. Clint craved butternut squash, who is this guy?!?, and spaghetti squash yesterday! In the past, vegetables and fruits would blacken (not good) in the back of the fridge, not now! Clint ate a whole salad and I didnt have to remind him! He is eating and supporting this in a way I never thought he would. I'm so proud of him!

We will eat meat eventually I am sure, but we dont crave it like we thought. We have said as Christians and Americans everything in moderation. I have been questioning, What does this "moderation" really mean? I would say I have turned "moderation" is an every other day indulgence. I am beginning to think Moderation, differently. Moderation no is like once in three or four months or maybe even longer.

Did you know that everything you eat has protein in it? Yeah, I thought only meat had protein. That is what I learned in nutrition classes, AT A UNIVERSITY. I feel lied too! I get more protein in my diet ( believe me, I have been tracking), 65-80 grams, now than when i did when i ate meat! I also get more calcium than when I had milk in the fridge. I was never a huge fan of milk. I should have 100-200% RDA and I now get it!! Clint has no stomach problems. We shared a piece of chocolate cake on Valentine's Day to test it out! Nothing!! He feels great and is looking better than ever!

Asher is loving it!! New foods he loves: Broccoli, rice, beans, oranges, whole wheat bread sometimes with hummus or fruit jam, whole cooked peas and carrots. Soon to taste almond milk, cauliflower, tofu, and many others. He is starting to eat what we eat, not picky! Its beautiful to teach him this at such a young age.

What is God teaching us through this? I think He has given us a great opportunity to discover the different types of food that He created for us to eat. That we can change what we put in our bodies to become healthier, and because we are taking care of ourselves, we can serve him better! Food will always impact how our bodies function. Our bodies will tell us what we should be eating and when we should eat them.

God is crazy awesome! Clint and I are liking this new change in the way that we eat. Yes, it is different. But we still eat the entrees that we love just in different form. We have been eating this way since Super Bowl...we have had pizza, sloppy joes, chalpuas, tacos, burritos, spaghetti, lasagna, sandwiches, pancakes, oatmeal, breakfast sausage, red beans and rice. All these items with no oil, meat, cheese, or sugar!! All all great!! I know you are dieing for recipes...LOL....I have them if you are interested.

Again, we are still The Hill's, just skinnier more health conscious, and having more fun than ever!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2011 in the books......2012 here we come!!

Christmas 2012 - A note from Clint

Yassas Friends and Family!

For the Hill Clan, 2011 was an awesome and Unforgettable year. First God blessed us the best gift in the whole world, the birth of our son Asher Blaze Hill. I may need to apologize to all our facebook friends for being bombarded by cute baby photos. Kels is still working at Texas Agri-Life Extension service as a Cancer Prevention Educator and I am still working as a Domestic Missionary at TAMU-CC. We are still in Corpus loving every minute we get to spend with CIA (Christians In Action).

Asher is getting huge. I had no idea the little guy would grow this fast. I have always heard you blink and your kids are grown, I had no idea how true that statement was. Asher is beginning to crawl, he notices his momma and reaches for her as much as possible, and beginning solid foods. Asher has never met a stranger. His smile can seem to melt the toughest of guys heart.

This past year Kelsey has started to sell car seat cover over Facebook. It has been widely popular. She enjoys every minute being a mommy. Kelsey has also started a blog and is enjoying writing about our adventures.

I, Clint, am in my 4 year working as the director of CIA here in Corpus at TAMU-CC. I had an incredible year. I have gotten to travel the country and talk about what Jesus is doing down in Corpus. For my birthday, Kelsey and Asher gave me a barbeque pit. I have found my hobby, I love to cook for a crowd. We have always loved to have people over hanging out, watching movies, or doing homework!

We are blessed to be surrounded by a group of people in Corpus that love the Lord and support the mission of winning souls for Christ. We know that God will continue to be with us in 2012. We are looking forward to new adventures, challenges, success and CRAZINESS!!

I pray that your family had a great 2011 and is also blessed during 2012. Let the FUN begin!!

Monday, October 31, 2011


I recently was called to share my story in Grace Fellowship (where we attend church) new "Sharing Space" in the bulletin. Thank you Ana Walker!! This is a great idea!!
I was excited about this opportunity to share what God has done in my life. It flowed out when I was typing it. I thought I was just going to share it in the bulletin. However, telling my story became an everyday thing, after writing it out. A few weeks ago, I read my story in the "Crazy Beautiful" Ladies Study I taught, wrote it in the bulletin and emailed it to a friend. Each time Christ used "His Story" to His Glory in different ways.
In the ladies study, I shared my story because we were talking about Purity. I wanted the ladies to know in the class that I was a "dirty little girl' but Christ washed me clean. And He can do that for you too.
In the church bulletin, I felt that members know my husbands story and did not know mine. So I wrote my story to share where God has taken me on my journey.
In the email, I encouraged a friend to write and share her story with others. To show His Glory. She did and emailed it out the next day!!

I started to think what else has writing and sharing my story done for me:
  • I have nothing to hide which leaves me vulnerable. Christ was also vulnerable.
  • Stories give hope
  • An opportunity to share Christ with people
  • An opportunity to see what you have in common with others. (I talked to someone that had been to Italy, and we talked about our experiences.)
  • The weight on my shoulders feels lighter.
  • I realize that sharing my story prevents gossip from spreading because my story comes from me.
  • My story is powerful because it is about God.
Writing my story I realize that not even some of my family really know my story. But here it is:

I have been Clint’s bride, for 5 years, and Asher’s mother for 5 months. I love my life but this is how I got here. I grew up in a very, very small town. There were 200 students in one school grades K-12, teacher houses, and only one road, but there were 3 churches! There were 18 students in my graduating class. My mom was my 6th grade teacher, and she knew when I was in trouble before I did. I grew up on a farm; dad was a farmer growing everything from cotton to carrots. I have two older sisters; yes, I am the baby of the family by 6 years! I guess you can say that I had a pretty "normal" growing up. We attended the Muleshoe Church of Christ, three times a week, faithfully. If we were leaving on vacation on Sunday, we still went to church until communion was served, whatever that means.

Growing up in a small town was not all that you think it would be. Starting my sophomore year, I started smoking and drinking which led to drugs. I believe that my whole senior year I was high or buzzed. I tried my hand at dealing drugs for a short while. During my junior year, there was a 5 acre field of marijuana, a mile away from the school; it was soon discovered by police. We would find huge black bags of "weed' on the side of the road and sell it to the next town. One Friday night the field was burned, during a football game! Crazy!! I felt so much peer pressure to sleep around during my high school years. My life style and behavior put me in dangerous situations and this lead to a rape, by a fellow partier. My actions left me feeling defeated, robbed and bitter at myself and others I felt unworthy and condemned. These feelings plagued me day after day, for years. I was so afraid and did not know how to go to God. I choose my behavior, I was insecure, lost and behaving like my friends all around me. Church youth group was just another place to gossip about how awesome the party was the night before. I was stuck in the fake life. Going to church but having no relationship with the Lord; living life on my terms.

I started college with the same actions. Receiving a MIP (Minor in Possession) on the first night of college. My parents were still in town from taking me to college. By age 20, I was disgusted with my life. I was sick and tired of running, keeping up with the many lies, being insecure in my own skin. I determined to make some changes in my life and I stopped smoking, drinking and drugs. Jesus started to become real to me; the Holy Spirit was doing surgery on my heart. I began to take notice of other women around me. They were different, secure with who they were. I was the opposite of most other college kids, because my party days were over! I was glad I was different. I was baptized in the fall semester, I attempted to find new friends, and stay away from any semblance of my former life. This did not happen until; I let God truly be the Lord of my life. I had to allow Christ to transform me from the inside outside. In 2004, I moved to Italy and started to be more active in my newly found Christian life. Things began to change in my heart; I started to stand up for myself. I let my yes be yes and my no be no. (Something the Italian culture is good at.) My confidence was growing as I allowed the Father to heal my wounds from the past. The Lord was changing me into a new person. I came back to the States in 2005, and attended Eastern New Mexico University to get my Consumer Sciences Degree (Home Economics). This is where God provided time in my life to seek Him with no distractions. I had no friends and my family was busy. I was in relationship with my Savior, not lonely, and truly satisfied and secure in Him. I cherish that time and have such fond memories! Toward the end of college, I saw Clint for the first time. He was leading a worship band. I always knew that I was going to marry a showman! We started dating at a college retreat, and were married within a year and 2 months.

In 2008 an unexpected turn of events happened. Clint received an unmistakable call to ministry. While we had no idea what that would look like, God knew exactly what he was doing in our lives. As the Lord began to lead us into campus ministry, I felt overwhelmed, digging my heels in the ground. As I faithfully follow my husband, as he follows the Lord I have experienced the joys and heartache of ministry. I have grown in ways I never would have expected. The Lord has brought me a deep sense of love for lost people and an evangelistic way of approaching life. He has walked me through being a role model and mentor for many college girls. Although, I’m not proud of my past life I have been able to share it with college girls who are thankful for the transparency. My life is crazy busy with the addition of our little son. We want Asher right in the middle of campus ministry.

Now, in 2011, I am continually being transformed in His image. And loving every moment….. I am blessed to be a daughter of Christ, Clint’s bride, Asher’s mom, CIA mommy, cancer educator (paying job), and living for the Glory of God. I love to share my family’s life and what we are doing on a daily basis through blogging.

If you take one thing away from this, let God have your story!! and share it, to show His Glory. And start writing your story!! It helps us see what God has done in our life.
(and for previous "The Hill Plant" blog readers, TV is back!!)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

In 5 years where will you be........?

Yeah, Friday, October 21st, Clint and I are celebrating 5 wonderful years in marriage!!! YAY!! So excited! It has been a crazy ride, full of blessings!
When we were preparing for the wedding I remember people asking, "Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?, or "What do you want your life to look like in 5 years?" We would answer like we had control over our life. You know you have done that too!! "I see us with a beautiful houses, dogs, kids, nice cars,......."
While we made it to 5 years....and this is where we are at....
  • Before we were married we decided that we did not want to live where we both grow up....so we live the farthest away but still in Texas!!
  • We always said the "5 year rule"as a time line to have children...God Blessed us on his time with Asher Blaze, happy, health 5 month old.
  • Own a house
  • Have two dogs
  • Both have great jobs
  • Still have students loans...but God willing will not soon!!
  • Have a wonderful family in Corpus
  • Have vehicles that run and praying they will continue....
  • Still no TV..."(if you have read the previous posts) I am LOVING IT!!
But more importantly, lessons learned....
  • God has shown us that life is a process
  • We have had to relearn many things
  • All battles do not have to be won
  • God before everything and Family next
  • Serving each other is hard but a must...it gets easier
  • Children are a blessing
  • Living in God's Will is alot better then your own way
  • God teachings and it is worth listening to the first time
  • Praying as a family is important
  • Sharing your life (nasty details) with others is worth it
  • Inviting people into you life in a HUGE BLESSING
  • Learning from others is beneficial
  • Applying lessons learned is HARD....but GREAT, all at the same time
  • Pride is EVIL!!
  • We NEVER stop learning and growing in Christ!!
  • Getting on your face to pray is Essential -(Learned this week!!)
So the question is not "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?" We can list all the worldly things all day long, but it means NOTHING!! The Real Question is "What are we going to learn from God?" having a great passion for learning from the creator of Heaven and Earth, the Almighty Savior. Not where we want to be in 5 years but where does God want us to be in 5 years. I have full faith that we are where we are supposed to be and doing what He wants us to do. I do admit it looks weird and crazy at times. Other may look at us, thinking "Crazy People." The only answer that I have is GOD!! My favorite verse, learned from my mom (her favorite too.), Philippians 4:13 - "I can do all this through him who gives me strength." So TRUE!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

A week without.....

So after the week of  H^**, or "unusual blessings". The week started with "great" IRS news, LOL!!!, tv out, tire blown, etc. We were at the point it was getting comical and waiting for the next exciting thing to happen. And then the TV went out. We needed an $80 part to fix it! but it was just not the time.
So we decide to "ruff it" with out a TV for a week or more. I was thinking this is a great oppurtunity to blog. I knew that God was wanting to teach us something. And We were ready to LEARN!! God's little life lessons are FUN!, sometimes.....
TV out on Friday evening........Did not know what to do and where frustrated......had a long talk to get over whatever was in the air....
Saturday.....Clint was out all day, so Asher and I chilled around the house, read books, sewed car seat covers (that are for sale!!!)...discovered how I love to sew!!
Sunday.....Being Home does not happen...
Monday...Garage Cleaned out, Landry started, Got home from work, Asher took his afternoon nap, I sewed some more....and Clint read Hebrews out loud to me and we had great discussion...bath time...played a quick game of Rumicube.....Asher to bed...watch a show on the computer laying in bed....
Tuesday.....THE STOMACH VIRUS.......HIT HARD!!!
Wednesday - Friday.....Dealing with Stomach Bug...
Saturday....TV is at the doctors....they were impressed that we only have one tv in the house...asking what we are going to do with out a TV, the doctor had only heard of a couple families with one TV in the past 5 years!!

This concludes week #1 of H^**!!!! Having a bad week was not because the TV was out, that was a blessing. There has been more communication about the CRAZY times in the Hill House without the back ground noise of the TV. I am loving it!!!
Monday again with out a TV.....waiting to hear from the TV doctor.....
So what is the lesson that God is tell us during all the many things that are happening around us...to us!!
All Praise to HIS Name!! 

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Being a Mom!!! a working mom!!! I posted on Facebook that our meals one day we had Sausage/pancakes on a stick in the morning, fend for yourself at lunch  and corn dogs for supper. The conclusion I came to..Life has changed on the Hill Planet. This is something "tenure" mom's tell you that will happen. And I responded "Yes, I know." and they were laughing inside "No, you don't". But the good news is I do know NOW!!
Things that have changed on Hill Planet: and enjoying every moment of it:
  • House is never clean, but we don't realize it until it smells. 
  • Dogs we have Dogs.........poor girls!! 
  • Thanks to Mark and Dee Hill we can do the amount of laundry, Effectively!!
  • Spit-up is wore with pride!! 
  • Showers are optional, only if time allows. 
  • All meals maybe on a stick....freezer section at the store is a new discovery. 
  • Poop is an exciting thing
  • The instructions to store Human milk are posted on the freezer and full of it!! 
  • "I Love you Stinky Face" is the new favorite book. 
  • Furniture is moved out to fit, play toys!!
  • Camera's are stationed in every room in fear that we may miss something, CUTE!! 
  • "Traveling Light" is not possible
  • Couponing is a MUST!!! and FUN!! - www.hip2save.com
  • And we are experiencing a true gift of GOD and what TRUE LOVE really is.....Sacrifice for others!!
Thank you God for the changes on HILL PLANET!!!