1 year old

1 year old
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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Adventures........here we go!

So the last blog was a while ago....you maybe wondering if we are still eating plant strong......well for the most part......sometimes.....
We learned alot about what your body really needs...fruits and veges are "POWER FOODS" and they are great cooked all different ways. We still only eat meat once or twice a week. Cooking with out meat is SO EASY.....and baking is great!! Here are a couple of blogs that I use for recipes everything that I tried is great...enjoy!!
and a great eating healthy blog is healthyattimes.blogspot.com

So New Adventures.......the Hill Family is changing, no I am not prego!!  God is leading us to a place that we do not know and can not imagine what we are doing. But He knows and I am ok with that. For the past couple months, God is working in great ways raising mighty warriors for his kingdom, challenging Faith, and comforting fears and doubts. Dreams and visions have been seen, doors have been opened and closed, and the Spirit moving. And what kind of Warriors for God would we be if we ignored the "red and white flags" He is giving..
So the Hill Family is moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma.
There has been mixed feelings, crying, fears, doubts, joy, praise, peace all rolled together. But sitting back and looking what is happening I have a peace BEYOND understanding.
I have no reason to have this peace, I can not describe......no timeline on leaving Corpus and getting to Tulsa, don't know where we will live when we get there, getting rid of a dog, I don't have a job and need one, need to sell a house, and the list goes on. Because of this peace and the list of unknowns, one thing is for sure......This is God's Plan.
I pray everyday that my Faith will be stronger, while waiting for more doors to be open. I know that everything will happen in prefect timing.....God's time.
I am so blessed to have a Husband that follows God's with all his heart......I have an easy job, to follow.  When he starting to talk about this move...I prayed "If this is you God, open doors. Show Clint what to do, lead your family." And he has done and is doing just that. Praise be to God.
 I do ask for prayers for us during this time.....God's will be done...His prefect will!
We are blessed to have the support system that God has put around us, we could not ask for more encouraging words from everyone. Change is so hard....but with God's strength supplied through His Word, His people and communication with Him, it gets a little easier day by day.
We will be visiting Tulsa soon, for interviews and looking around.... I am looking for a job and Clint will be getting certified to be a Bug ELIMINATOR with Okie Bugs. 
I will be keeping you posted on the "New Adventures" in diet and in location! 

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